Posted by: ugleepen | February 6, 2016

Arthritis Foundation Awards Funding to Researchers on the Path to a Cure

awardCommitted to accelerating the search for new solutions to arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation announced last week that it had awarded nearly $5.5 million in scientific research funding to 11 individuals.

Its 2015 request for “Delivering on Discovery” proposals resulted in 167 submissions from across the United States and Canada.

A panel of advisors selected the proposals they felt showed the greatest promise of achieving a faster cure for one or more types of arthritis.

The winning proposals, which range in amounts from $216,000 to $1.35 million, cover a diversity of topics and include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis and lupus.

What makes this solicitation process particularly unique is that it was open to virtually anyone who could provide bold, new ideas that will potentially speed up the discovery of a cure, whether or not the applicant had prior experience in arthritis research.

“Those with arthritis are depending on us to foster a scientific discovery environment that thrives on innovative solutions,” said  Ann Palmer, Arthritis Foundation president and CEO.

As the Champion of Yes, the Arthritis Foundation is embarking on a cutting-edge scientific strategy that takes advantage of new science and technology.

“We’re opening up the search for a cure to anyone, including young or experienced scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and technology experts,” Palmer said.

“ Yes, we believe a cure for arthritis is very possible in our lifetime – and on behalf of everyone with arthritis, we’re determined to do everything we can to make that happen.”

Read about the Awardees.



Source: Arthritis Foundation

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