Posted by: ugleepen | November 22, 2016

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Part 2 – Nip It In the Bud

budIn Part 1 of our two-part article about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) we looked at basic symptoms of the syndrome, the causes, and some of the, perhaps surprising, jobs that are high risk for developing CTS.

Here in Part 2 we will continue our discussion of risky activities, and then look at ways of preventing, or at least minimizing, the impact of CTS.

If you are retired don’t think you’re exempt from developing CTS.

People who engage intensively in these domestic activities are at risk for CTS:

  • knitting, sewing and needlepoint
  • cooking and housework
  • carpentry and other types of woodworking
  • extensive use of power tools

Many leisure activities in the home can contribute to the development of CTS, including:

  • computer games
  • sports
  • card playing

So much for the bad news – now for the good. Here are some tips for “nipping CTS in the bud.”

The first thing is to be aware that you are involved in high-risk activities for CTS.

Then there are ways to give your hand and wrist relief:

  1. Take frequent breaks to rest and relax the hand and wrist
  2. Give the hand a rest by learning how to use your non-dominate hand
  3. Learn easy exercises to strengthen the wrist
  4. Use good ergonomics in the workplace

Whenever you write, whether its something you do a lot for a living, or just writing your grocery list, use an ergonomic pen  such as my UGLee Pen.

A pen such as mine will be a rest for the hand, and thus won’t aggravate CTS, or cause added stress and strain on the hand.

Any time you can let your hand and wrist rest, no matter what activity you are involved in, you’ll diminish the opportunity for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome to surface.



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