Posted by: ugleepen | May 24, 2017

Make Your Handwriting Legible Again

The ergonomic UGLee Pen can help eliminate hand and writing pain, but did you also know that it can improve your handwriting?

Those who have challenges with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or arthritis often find that because it is so difficult and painful to hold a pen, their handwriting becomes illegible.

Other pens that claim to be ergonomic are really just cumbersome and uncomfortable to use and do not aid in legible writing either. Sufferers find that their writing looks nothing like it should and this can be frustrating.

With the UGLee Pen, not only will you find that writing is tolerable and even enjoyable again, you will also be pleasantly surprised at how clear and readable the words are that you write.

You can recognize your “old handwriting” again, looking just like it used to before you began experiencing problems with your hand.

Pain free writing. Legible writing. Comfort writing. The revolutionary UGLee pen, designed, created and used by a real physician, is redefining the way people view ergonomic pens.


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