Hello I’m James Lee, inventor of the UGLee Pen. I’m writing this blog because I, like you, have experienced writing pain. As a medical student, I wrote volumes in terms of hand written class notes. I averaged 20 full pages of hand written notes a day, for years. My hand was cramping up all the time! I spent a lot of time and money looking for a comfortable pen and failed painfully to find even one.

It took me over eight years, but, I was determined to create a truly comfortable pen to ease my own writing discomfort. I even studied X-rays of the human hand and did countless hours of research to better understand the structure, attachment and function of the hand and muscles to design the perfect grip. The result is the UGLee Pen. (U = Ultimate, G = Grip, Lee = Me!, Dr. James Lee).

My pen was designed to be the world’s first truly comfortable pen. I have put a lot of thought, time, effort and research into the creation of this pen. I know you will be amazed at the comfort. Even if you never thought you had problems with writing pains, you will love the UGLee Pen, guaranteed!

Please visit this blog often for articles regarding: Ergonomics, Writing pain, Hand cramps, Writer’s cramp, Writing fatigue, Calluses, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Children with poor fine motor control, and how the correct pen can ease writing discomfort for those with: Multiple Sclerosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hyperesthesia, Paresthenia, Ischomia, and Neuropraxia. We welcome your comments. You can also follow us on Twitter @ugleepen and become a fan on Facebook at UGLee Pen.



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